10 Bad Financial Habits

It goes without saying, the sooner we break bad financial habits, the sooner we get closer to financial freedom. The longer we wait on breaking these bad habits, the more difficult it becomes.  Here is a list of 10 bad financial habits that sabotage our goal for achieving financial independence:

  1. Spending more than you make.
  2. Paying bills with credit and carrying a monthly balance.
  3. Only making minimum required payments on credit card balances.
  4. Not having or maintaining adequate emergency funds.
  5. Paying bills late and incurring late payment fees.
  6. Paying for subscriptions that you don't use or make use of.
  7. Not sticking to a shopping list or excessing buying at big box stores like Costco or Sams Club.
  8. Impulse buying at retail stores, online, and TV infomercials.
  9. Not regularly saving for retirement.
  10. Not seeking professional advise on financial planning.

To help you think about breaking bad financial habits, click and watch this video by Alex Peroff, "Breaking your Bad Financial Habits."