Make Sure Your Social Security Information Is Accurate

Social security was designed to bridge the gap between life-savings, IRAs, pensions, and 401k type retirement plans for sources of income during your retirement lifetime. Do you know how much you will receive in Social Security benefits and when you should begin receiving it?  Click on this site Social Security Sign In or Create an Account and take a look around.  This site will provide you information to help you determine when to begin receiving your benefits.  You can begin receiving Social Security benefits as soon as 62, but collecting benefits before your full retirement age will permanently reduce your benefits, as much as 25% to 30%, depending on your full retirement age -- for most it is 67.

While you are there, make sure your income history is correct as it is used to calculate your benefits. Also, click on this link Retirement Ready Fact Sheet for workers 49-60 for a handy reference to key points.