Brown Bag Sessions

TBS Benevolence-In-Action Brown Bag Sessions (in partnership with HaveFunLiveStrong LifeStyle) offer self-help, self-motivation, and self-advancement solutions such as one-on-one training or online learning programs to advance skills in reading, writing, and arithmetic; budgeting and personal finance; career planning; pursuing educational or vocational training options; job hunting; preparing for a job interview, landing a job, and keeping a job.

Tommy Tomsan (with a medical, financial, and government management background) brings to this program over 25 years of experience in business management, financial and money management, career and life coaching.  As the founder of TBSolutions and HaveFunLiveStrong LifeStyle, he is passionate about helping people realize their ability to overcome challenges in life and develop a mindset to thrive in life.  He believes the key to overcoming these challenges starts with Hope (knowing that they are not alone) and a well designed plan to overcome life's challenge.