Professional Services

TBSolutions offer an array of resources to assist individuals and families overcome their life challenges with a goal towards developing an actionable and sustainable “Life Plan” that will serve as a guide to achieving self-sufficiency, financial freedom, and peace of mind.  Here is a list of professional services:

  • financial counseling and planning 
  • credit counseling and designing strategic credit solutions
  • career counseling and planning, writing resumes, and assistance with seeking jobs
  • educational counseling and developing learning plans
  • for eligible candidates:
    • educational grants and scholarships for focused learning, e.g., trade, automation, office management courses at community colleges or online programs
    • financial aide, e.g. interest-free loans

TBS is a proponent of continuous learning. It is a guiding principle to becoming self-sufficient and thrive.  Visit the Articles section to read about empowerment, personal finance, investing, and concepts of "minimalism."